Request a Quote

So I can give you a quote for your project, please provide as much of the following information as you can:

  • Minis you would like painted
  • Quality level you would like them painted to
  • A rough timeframe for when you’d like to have everything completed
  • How much prep work you’d like me to do, i.e. putting together, cleaning mold lines, magnetizing, etc.
  • Basing desires

Quality Descriptions

Level 1 paint quality: The most basic paint job, consisting of a simple color scheme and drybrushing and/or washing to make the miniature stand out on the table. Recommended for large armies.

Level 2 paint quality: Tabletop quality plus, consisting of highlighting and/or shading, more colors, and details picked out. Recommended for solos, named characters, or any minis you want to hold up to closer inspection.

Level 3 paint quality: The most detailed paint job option. No detail left unconsidered. Many thin layers create smooth blending and freehand work is included as appropriate or desired. Recommended for leaders, player characters, or any “centerpiece” miniatures.


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