About Me


My name is Susan and I love gaming. I got into gaming by painting miniatures. I’ve been painting since I was a kid being dropped off by my parents at the game store for painting classes and competitions. I miss Ral Partha; it was their dragons that dragged me into the hobby.

So, yes, the painting paved the way to gaming. I had been asked the question “What’re you painting this for?” many times with no answer but “‘cuz I like painting…” for a long time before I actually used them in a “real” game. But now I’ve played a variety of systems at this point, either as player or GM, and have recently found war games to be fun in spite of my ineptitudes at them. I love it all, especially when there’s minis involved.

I would love to paint your minis for you. I am the person that handles every step of your project, from communicating with you about your dream to packing it all up after you’ve approved final pictures and taking it to the post office. That means that not only is your project getting the attention it deserves, but that I can also give you a good deal on pricing.


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