Reaper Miniatures 03142 Zizzix, Mantis Warrior

Reaper Miniatures 03142 Zizzix, Mantis Warrior


One thought on “Reaper Miniatures 03142 Zizzix, Mantis Warrior

  1. Grundle! Such a name, such a bug. He was totes gay, you know. Like, styling, and…attracted to dudes, I guess?

    I’m not sure how that worked, because Thri-kreen are…well…sort of…something with insectile projectiles? I can’t talk about this.

    Regardless! Grundle was an asset to the Dark Sun campaign, I tell you. He killed stuff like the rest of them, Psychic Warrior he was. Until, well, he sort of got killed. By me.

    It’s a long story.

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